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Easy Way Skin renewal by mechanobiologythe epidermo nutrition cosmetic ingredient

In the deepest wheat’s fields of our lands, a west wind brought us
the best of wheat seeds. Among wheat’s albumen, we have carefully
extracted 0.8% of polar lipid to offer a major nourishing ingredient
for all cosmetic product formulations.

C+eRAMIDE the epidermo nutrition cosmetic ingredient - wheat seed


Inspired by nature, C+eRAMIDE is extracted from a by-product of wheat seed.
Naturally present into the skin, ceramide is a molecule known to act as a cement between
skin cells, which ensures an effective barrier function. Ceramide is also used as a major ingredient
in cosmetic product formulations (skin and hair care) due to its nourishing assets.
Ceramide is a natural nutrient which nourishes hair and epidermis.

Our C+eRAMIDE is a ceramide in powder form.
It is a synergistic complex composition of Glycosylceramides and DGDG (Digalactosyl Diglyceride).



C+eRAMIDE - skin and hair issues



Our C+eRAMIDE is a polar lipid fraction of wheat seed. As a consquence, it doesn’t contain gluten protein fraction.

C+eRAMIDE natural vegan gluten free OGM free






C+eRAMIDE clinical studies

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