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Lessonia - ils nous parlent de leur métier


Lessonia - ils nous parlent de leur métier


Lessonia - ils nous parlent de leur métier

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Lessonia Peel-off mask manufacturer

For over 20 years, Lessonia has specialized in contract manufacturing of cosmetic ingredients and products for brands. Lessonia has become a world expert and major player in powder cosmetics. As a manufacturer of peel-off masks for over 15 years, we have developed a unique industrial know-how.

Today, we’re proud to present our latest innovation: instant peel-off masks. This new generation of peel-off masks revolutionizes this beauty ritual by offering your customers an instantaneous and practical solution.

Peel-Off masks: a skincare essential

Lessonia Peel-off mask manufacturer

Today, peel-off masks have become an essential part of skincare routines, especially at SPA and beauty salons. Once rehydrated with water, these powder masks transform into a gel-like paste.

The addition of water to the powder leads to a solidification process. The mask solidifies in just a few minutes. Then we applied it to the face with a cosmetic brush or flat tool. A 10-15 minute exposure time is required before removing the mask in one piece, like a second skin.

The special feature of peel-off masks is their ease of use, as they can be removed without tightenning effect.

Lessonia – Peel-off masks manufacturer – How to use a peel-off

Peel-Off mask properties

Peel-off masks should be used after applying a serum. Peel-off masks act like an occlusive shield, allowing active ingredients to deeply penetrate into the skin. This beauty ritual is an ideal part of any skincare routine. It meets the specific needs of consumers. while providing a refreshing, soothing treatment.

Lessonia Peel-off mask manufacturer

Alginate: the key ingredient for high-quality masks

Our peel-off masks are formulated with alginate, a natural polymer extracted from seaweed. Alginate is recognized for its film-forming and thickening properties, essential for mask formation. That’s why we’ve chosen to use high-quality alginate. This guarantees masks of exceptional performance and a unique sensory experience.

The challenges of using traditional Peel-Off masks

The traditional application of peel-off masks requires a precise mixture of powder and water. This is a step that requires careful handling and time for cleaning after the treatment. These steps can therefore make care more restrictive for consumers who want to move fast.

That’s how we came up with a new ritual by developing instant peel-off masks: Instants Peel-off.

Innovation: Instant Peel-Off Mask

To meet these challenges and improve the user experience, we have developed an innovative concept: Instant Peel-off. Instant peel-off masks Already pre-measured and presented in the creamy paste galenic, this mask no longer requires the addition of water (a source of error). Simply add a powder activator to start the mask solidification process.

Benefits of Instant Peel-Off Mask

  • Fast and Easy to use : No more time-consuming mixing. Finally, simply pour in the powder activator and the mask will begin to solidify.
  • Precision and Efficiency: No risk of getting the proportions wrong, ensuring optimal use of the active ingredients.
  • Clutter-free: No washing-up required, making care convenient and clean.

Consequently, as a peel-off manufacturer, we are committed to providing innovative, high-quality solutions for cosmetic brands and beauty salons. With this in mind, our instant peel-off masks represent a major step forward in this beauty ritual, combining effectiveness, simplicity and ease of use.