Refillable cosmetics : An Ecological Revolution with Lessonia

Published on: 10 July 2024

By: Marion Lagadec

Refillable Cosmetics : An Ecological Revolution with Lessonia

In a world where reducing our environmental footprint is becoming crucial, refillable cosmetics stand out as an innovative and sustainable solution. At Lessonia, we specialise in the manufacture of powdered and traditional cosmetics, offering refillable cosmetic options that minimise ecological impact while guaranteeing quality care.
Refillable cosmetics – micellar water tablets – refill

In a world where reducing our environmental footprint is becoming a priority, refillable cosmetics are emerging as an innovative, sustainable and crucial solution. At Lessonia, we are experts in the contract manufacture of powder cosmetics and the contract manufacture of traditional cosmetics. We offer a range of revolutionary products and innovative industrial equipment adapted to refillable cosmetics. This enables us to offer a range of products that minimise the ecological impact of cosmetics, while still providing the highest quality care.

Refillable cosmetics, the future of cosmetics

Refillable cosmetics are products designed in a way that their packaging can be reused by inserting refills.

Instead of discarding the packaging once the product is finished, consumers can buy a refill (which is often sold in a minimalist, recyclable packaging) and insert it into the original container.

Advantages :

  1. Waste reduction : Less packaging thrown away means less waste to manage and less plastic pollution.
  2. Saving resources : Reusing containers saves the resources needed to produce new packaging.
  3. Potential cost to the consumer : Refills are often cheaper than buying a new product with full packaging.
  4. Environmental awareness : Encourages consumers to adopt more sustainable and responsible habits.

At Lessonia, we have adopted this approach as part of our product innovation strategy. So, whenever possible, we suggest that the brands we work with adopt this concept. This allows them to highlight their commitment to the environment, but also to encourage more responsible action that respects the environment. Being the first link in the chain, we have a duty to set an example to encourage other positive actions.

Refillable cosmetic solutions from Lessonia

As a contract manufacturer of cosmetic products, we offer tailor-made or white-label solutions to our customers.

White-label offer : With our “Rexplore Beauty” range, we offer a variety of cosmetic products in powder, tablet or rehydration form. Ideal solutions for refillable cosmetics. Whether for skincare products (creams, micellar water, scrubs, masks, etc.) or hygiene products (shampoos, shower gels, toothpaste, etc.), brands can quickly get started with refillable cosmetics thanks to our ready-to-use products.

Tailor-made offer : depending on our customers’ briefs, we can develop cosmetic products that can be refilled. Whether it’s developing cosmetic formulas or supporting packaging, we have industrial tools specifically for refillable cosmetics. Indeed, thanks to our industrial facilities, we can offer recyclable packaging that can be used as refills by end users: kraft bags, cardboard boxes, doypacks, flexible pouches and sachets.

Refillable cosmetics in powder or tablet form : micellar water, shampoo, shower gel, moisturiser, etc.

The environmental impact of refillable cosmetics

Adopting a product development strategy based around refillable cosmetics offers many environmental advantages. Refillable cosmetics can reduce plastic waste in the beauty industry by up to 50%, depending on their market share. This is because reusable packaging reduces the need to produce new containers for each product sold. According to the National Packaging Council, the adoption of refill systems can significantly reduce the total volume of plastic waste (NATIONAL PACKAGING COUNCIL – February 2022).

The use of refillable packaging also significantly reduces the consumption of resources such as water and energy needed to manufacture new packaging. Data shows that recycling and recharging systems can save thousands of tonnes of virgin raw materials and reduce the associated CO2 emissions. With our Rexplore Beauty product range, we have carried out an environmental impact study showing that refillable cosmetic products can reduce energy and water consumption by more than 50%, and also cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.

In conclusion, refillable cosmetics are an essential and innovative solution to today’s environmental challenges. At Lessonia, our expertise in the custom manufacture of powdered and traditional cosmetics means we can offer solutions that are both appropriate and respectful of the environment. Our tailor-made and white-label offerings enable brands to make an active commitment to reducing plastic waste and conserving natural resources.

At Lessonia, we firmly believe that refillable cosmetics are the future of beauty, and we are committed to supporting our customers in this transition towards more sustainable and responsible practices.