Contract skincare manufacturer : Your Trusted Partner for Cosmetic Product Manufacturing

Published on: 7 June 2024


Contract skincare manufacturer : Your Trusted Partner for Skincare and bodycare Product Manufacturing

Contract skincare manufacturer

Contract skincare manufacturer – Private Label OEM – 100% Made in France

Since 2002, we have distinguished ourselves as one of the leading skincare subcontractors in the industry. Our expertise in contract skincare manufacturer and custom skincare product manufacturing and private label (OEM) ensures the success of your projects.

Moreover, based in Brittany, we guarantee a fully Made in France production, compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP – ISO 22716).


Contract skincare manufacturer : A Full-Service Offer and custom skincare manufacturing to fit with your needs

As a contract skincare manufacturer, we provide you with expertise gained from working with global leaders to ensure the success of your project. From conception to market launch, we support you at every step, offering comprehensive skincare manufacturing services and skincare production solutions.

The Steps of Your Skincare Manufacturing Project:

Full service offer and custom skincare manufacturing process
  • Briefing: Our sales team listens to your needs, defining your expectations, budget, timeline, and technical constraints.
  • Innovation and R&D: Our innovation, R&D, and marketing team analyzes your specifications to design suitable product concepts, focusing on innovative cosmetic solutions.
  • Project Management: Coordination of various stages (formulation, packaging, regulations) by our project team, ensuring feasibility and quality.
  • Formulation: Development of prototypes in the laboratory, stability tests, and compatibility studies after formula validation, highlighting our expertise in cosmetic formulation services.
  • Regulatory: Ensuring cosmetic product compliance with international regulations throughout development.
  • Manufacturing: Commencement of production after receiving raw materials and validating industrial trials, providing top-notch personal care product manufacturing.
  • Packaging: Packaging of finished products, incorporating cosmetic packaging solutions.
  • Order Preparation/Delivery: Logistics management and delivery in France and abroad, respecting schedules and local regulations.

We also offer additional services in marketing and regulations for complete management of your cosmetic project >> voir

Contract skincare manufacturer : Private Label Cosmetics Offer

Following market trends, we offer customizable cosmetic collections for rapid launch. Our products include sheet masks, creams, lotions, serums, scrubs, peel-offs, and more :

  • Happy Mask: Range of sheet masks and serums: see
  • Skin Hydra: Range of moisturizing skincare products: moisturizing cream, serum, cleansing gel: see
  • Marine Care: Range of marine and anti-aging skincare products: moisturizing cream, serums, cleansing gel, and toner: see
  • Hemp: Range of hemp and CBD skincare and bodycare products: see
  • Touch: Range of transforming texture skincare products: see
  • Rexplore beauty: skincare and personal care product in powder or tablets: see
Contract personal care and skincare manufacturer : for cosmetic powder and tablets

100% Made in France Skincare Product Manufacturing

Located in Brittany, near Brest, our industrial site of over 16,000 m² is dedicated to the manufacturing and packaging of skincare, bodycare and personal care products. With two dedicated factories, we guarantee fully French production, from design to packaging, solidifying our role as a custom skincare manufacturer.

Lessonia's factories in Brittany dedicated to manufacture skincare, personal care, body care products.

Our Industrial Equipments and Production Capacities

Thanks to our industrial equipements, we are able to manufacture :

  • 2 000 tones of skincare products/year
  • 25 millions units of skincare products/year
  • 50 millions of sheet masks manufacturing/year


Dedicated to R&D, transformation of plant materials, and cosmetic product manufacturing:

  • Liquid Cosmetics: 5 cosmetic mixers (50L, 600L, 2x1000L, 2000L).
  • Powder Cosmetics: 2 mixers (1200L, 4800L).
Lessonia's skincare manufacturing equipments : vaccum mixers dedicated to manufacture cream, lotion, serum, oil, scrub...


Dedicated to the packaging of cosmetic products, inaugurated in 2018:

  • Primary Packaging:
    • Skincare: Automatic lines for bottles, jars, sachets, tubes, thermoforming.
    • Sheet Masks: 3 automatic lines, 4 semi-automatic lines, 2 high-speed lines (8 tracks).
    • Powder skincare cosmetics: Lines for sachets, bottles, jars.

  • Secondary Packaging:
    • Cartoning
    • Labeling
    • Cellophaning
Lessonia's sheet mask manufacturing equipments :

To conclude, as an expert cosmetic subcontractor, we are the ideal industrial partner for brands. We offer expertise, innovation, and tailored service. Contact us now to discover how we can realize your cosmetic projects and become your trusted custom cosmetic product manufacturer, offering comprehensive OEM and ODM cosmetic product solutions. ​

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