Natural and organic exfoliants : How to choose the right exfoliant ?

Published on: 10 July 2024

By: Marion Lagadec

Natural and organic exfoliants : How to choose the right exfoliant ?

To develop an efficient and appealing exfoliating cosmetic product, it is essential to ask the right questions from the outset. The aim is to select the exfoliating particle best suited to the targeted skin type, the desired skincare product and the product’s storytelling. This choice is essential to guarantee the effectiveness and appeal of your products, whether for a face or body care range.

In this article, as a manufacturer of natural and organic exfoliants and world leader in this field, we will guide you through the selection criteria to take into account when developing your cosmetic product.

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Why is exfoliation important ?

Lessonia is a manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients specialising in exfoliants. World leader in the manufacture of exfoliants, Lessonia outlines the 5 essential criteria to take into account when choosing the right exfoliant to develop and formulate your cosmetic product.

Skin exfoliation is used to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, which has several advantages :

  1. Improved skin texture : Exfoliation makes the skin smoother and softer by removing dead cells and impurities.
  2. Radiance and luminosity : By removing dead skin cells, exfoliation helps reveal a more raidant and fresher skin.
  3. Blemish prevention : Helps prevent pores from clogging, which can reduce the risk of acne and other skin blemishes.
  4. Stimulation of cell renewal : Exfoliation encourages cell renewal, which can improve the skin’s overall appearance and favors the production of new, healthy cells.
  5. Better absorption of skincare products : By eliminating dead skin cells, the skin can better absorb moisturisers and serums, increasing their effectiveness.

Exfoliation and exfoliating products are therefore a key step in a skincare routine to maintain a healthy, luminous, blemish-free skin.

There are several types of exfoliants. However, at Lessonia, all our exfoliants are natural, of plant or mineral origin.

Our different categories of natural and organic exfoliants at Lessonia

Natural exfoliants come in several categories, each offering different properties :

  • Shells & Cores
  • Fruits
  • Minerals
  • Herbs & spices
  • Seeds
  • Luffa

Selection Criteria

To choose the right exfoliant, consider the following factors :

Targeted skin type :

Sensitive skin or areas need gentle exfoliants, while more resistant skin and areas may benefit from a more abrasive exfoliation.

Particle size :

Depending on your application formula, you will need to choose the particle size best suited to your project. The finer the particle size, the more suitable it will be for a cosmetic application on the face or for sensitive skin.
Conversely, the larger the particle size, the more suitable it will be for a cosmetic application designed to exfoliate more resistant skin and areas.

Abrasiveness :

The abrasiveness of an exfoliant depends on the hardness of the material used and the shape of the particles. To make it easier to assess abrasiveness, Lessonia has created an “abrasiveness index” using an indicative scale graduated from 1 to 5. The more abrasive the exfoliant, the higher the figure. On each of our exfoliants sheets, we indicate the abrasiveness index.

Marketing :

The Exfoliator range highlights the natural aspect of cosmetic products thanks to different geographical origins, plant or mineral, and a wide range of colours. The choice of your exfoliator should therefore take into account the story you want to tell about your product or range.

Compatibility and stability :

The stability of exfoliants in terms of colour and abrasiveness is another crucial factor to consider for aqueous cosmetic formulas. While most exfoliants remain stable in aqueous phases, including surfactants, others are only compatible with anhydrous phases (gels or oily powders). Also, exfoliants can be kept in suspension, with the exception of the range of minerals that have a high density.

Regulations :

All our exfoliants are approved because their INCI names are registered in the positive and unrestricted lists.

We dispose many organic references certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the COSMOS standard. Certifications such as ECOCERT guarantee that exfoliants are organic and environmentally friendly. This adds value to your products, meeting the expectations of sustainability-conscious consumers.

If the reference is not available in BIO, the “Green Exfoliator” (without gamma ray) can be used.

Examples of cosmetic products using natural and organic exfoliants

  • Gentle Facial Scrubs : Use strawberry or raspberry seed powders for a light, nourishing exfoliation.
  • Intense Body Scrubs : Add walnut shells or apricot kernels for a more vigorous exfoliating action.

Choosing the right exfoliant is an essential step in developing high-performance, attractive cosmetic products. By taking into account skin types, particle size, abrasivity index and certifications, you can create formulas that are both appropriate and effective. Explore Lessonia’s Exfoliator range to discover natural, high-quality ingredients that meet your specific needs.

For further information about the available exfoliants, visit our page Exfoliator from Lessonia.