Lessonia ingredients - POWDER CLEANSER


– ALGAE : Fucus/Ulve/Dulse (20g)
– ALOE VERA : une feuille
– RED FRUITS : Strawberries/raspberries
– LEMON : 6 pieces
– SUGAR : 300 g
– WATER : 1 L

Aloe vera granite, red fruits & fucus / ulve / dulse


1. – Boil the water and the sugar.
– At the same time, in a blender mix the lemon and Aloe Vera together.

2. – Incorporate the mixture into the still hot syrup.
– Let the syrup cool down.
– Add the dulse / ulve / focus and let the seaweed infuse in the syrup.

3. – Place the mixture in the freezer
– Ingrain regularly to break the ice.
– Garnish with few red fruits and sprinkle the granita with seaweed before serving.

To be enjoyed chilled !

A recipe made by chef Laurent Brault of Jardin des Saveurs restaurant

To inspire you, we have asked Jardin des Saveurs chef’s Laurent Brault, to create recipes that will change your view on the use of seaweed in cooking.

Seaweeds are real allies in the kitchen! More than just a flavor enhancer, they are rich in gustatory discoveries and sometimes shake up the taste buds to reach unknown flavors and maybe even Umami! The famous “round in the mouth” flavor which completes the 4 flavors known to all (sour, bitter, sweet, salty).

Cooking with seaweed is the opportunity to develop innovative recipes, to surprise and improve classic dishes. Adding extra nutritional richness without frills to everyday dishes, more or less elaborate.