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Technical informations
Presentation Powder
Color White
Fragrance None
Packaging 10 kg bag
Shelf-life 36 months
INCI Sterculia urens gum & Sclerotium gum


100% natural according to ISO 16128
COSMOS compliant


Suspensive agent

Description of the item

Suspensive agent plant alternative to synthetic polymers
Ideal for keeping exfoliants, decorative particles, pigments or any other pysical particles in suspension.

ALTER-SUSPENSILIA is a natural suspensive agent made from sterculia tree’s gum. It is an excellent alternative to synthetic polymers. It allows a strong suspensive power while having a low viscosity.

Sterculia gum is the resin of the sterculia tree located mainly in India. This resin is a complex of partially acetylated polymers with about 37% uronic acid residues and 8% acetyl groups. Karaya resin is harvested in Northern India in the southern Himalayan region. The gum comes in the form of solid pieces that are collected by local people and sold to cooperatives. Foreign bodies such as bark are removed. The pieces are sorted according to their degree of purity. The purest of them (whitest) are then used crushed to make ALTER-SUSPENSILIA. This gum is reduced to a powder fine enough to allow a homogeneous gel.

Manufacturing process :

  • Synergistic association between a sterculia gum and a sclerotium gum.


  • Suspensive agent ideal for scrubs or to maintain pigments in tinted milks.
  • Stabilizer


- 100% natural according to ISO16128 and COSMOS compliant
- INCI : Sterculia urens gum & Sclerotium gum
- Appearence : white powder
- Ok China

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