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Lessonia - Exfoliator natural exfoliant for cosmetic products

Technical informations
Presentation Powder
Color White
Fragrance Light
Packaging 20kg bag
Shelf-life 120 months
INCI Bambusa Arundinacea stem extract


Bamboo Exfoliator

Exfoliating particle

Description of the item

Our Bamboo Exfoliator is a natural exfoliator made from an exudate that forms inside the bamboo stems.

Its soft and silky to touch, its high absorption capacity and mattifying power are remarkable and makes an essential product for cosmetic applications.

These exfoliators brings a touch of naturalness to your formulas. They exhibit good abrasiveness and good stability.

Once grinded, the core then pass through a sieve to create an exfoliating particles of different grain sizes (from 1000 to 200 µm).

- 100 % natural according to ISO 16128 norm
- GMO free

The available references

Reference product CODE

Bamboo Exfoliator 100

Bamboo Exfoliator 200

Bamboo Exfoliator 500

Bamboo Exfoliator 1000

Bamboo GreenExfoliator 200 **

Bamboo GreenExfoliator 500 **

Bamboo GreenExfoliator 1000 **








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**100% naturel, conforme à la charte Ecocert et autres chartes biologique

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