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Lessonia - Exfoliator natural exfoliant for cosmetic products

Technical informations
Presentation Powder
Color Red
Fragrance Light
Packaging 10 kg bag
Shelf-life 120 months
INCI Vaccinium Macrocarpon fruit powder


Cranberry Exfoliator

Exfoliating particle

Description of the item

Subjected to rigorous climatic conditions, the cranberry reinforces the protection of the skin. Polyphenols and tocotrienols act in synergy for a powerful anti-aging activity, while omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids reinforce the hydrolipidic film of the skin. The cranberry grows in difficult climatic conditions in Canada.

Our Cranberry Exfoliator is a natural exfoliant made from cranberry pomace. It is a 100% upcycled ingredient. The cranberry berries are pressed in order to be transformed into juice. We then recover the residue of pressing : the cranberry pomace. After a process of grinding, sieving and sterilization, we obtain an exfoliating powder ideal for cosmetic applications.

These exfoliants can be used in anhydrous formulations only.



Lessonia is a manufacturer of exfoliants for developing cosmetic products and exfoliating treatments such as scrubs.

Lessonia is the world’s leading manufacturer of natural exfoliants. With over 300 references, our exfoliating powders, made from shells, kernels, fruits, minerals, herbs, spices, seeds and loofahs, are ideal for formulating exfoliating cosmetic products for the face and body. Our exfoliants, most of which are ECOCERT-certified, are compatible with a range of cosmetic formulas and guarantee optimum effectiveness thanks to their particle size and abrasiveness index. Choose Lessonia’s quality and innovation for natural, sustainable cosmetics.

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- 100 % natural according to the ISO 16 128 norm
- biodegradable
- 100% upcycled
- GMO free

The available references

Reference product CODE

Cranberry Exfoliator 500

Cranberry Exfoliator 1000

Cranberry GreenExfoliator 1000 **




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**100% natural, complies with the Ecocert charter and other organic charters

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