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Technical informations
Presentation Powder
Color Brown
Fragrance Characteristic
Packaging 10kg bag
Shelf-life 36 months
INCI Vitis vinifera seed powder


Grape cake

Exfoliating particle

Description of the item

Our Grape Cake is a natural and organic exfoliant made from grapes seeds.

Grapes are known to be rich in antioxidant polyphenols (OPCs, anthocyanins and biflavonoids) which fights free radicals involved in aging structural components of the skin.

It is an upcycled product coming from an organic vineyard in Anjou (Loire Valley, France). By-products are reused : grapes seeds are cold-pressed to make a vegetal oil of quality, and then we retrieve the pressing residue to make our exfoliating particles.

This oil free exfoliant offers a strong abrasiveness and a good stability to produce cosmetics.

- 100 % natural according to the standard ISO 16 128
- biodegradable
- 100% upcycled
- GMO free

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Reference product CODE

Grape Cake BioExfoliator 1000*


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*BIO : Organic certified

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