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Technical informations
Presentation Powder
Color Blue dark
Fragrance Characteristic
Packaging 1 kg - 5 kg bag
Shelf-life 24 months
INCI Gardenia Florida Fruit extract, Maltodextrin


Microzest 25 Gardenia blue

Micronized powder

Description of the item

Our Microzest Gardenia Blue is a micronized powder made from a dry extract of gardenia flowers. The extract is micronized into very fine particles allowing it to be used as a plant pigment.

To increase the coloring power of the plant powder, Lessonia uses a micronization technology base on a flow of air at very high speed. The extreme fine size of its particles allows a dispersion or solubilization in many formulas, providing the product with a deep natural blue color and intense . Our Microzest Gardenia Blue is designed to be dispersible in the oily phase.

Our Gardenia Bleu microzest is useful for formulating cosmetic products in solid and colored powder such as:
– Skincare: Lotion, soap, cleanser
– Bodycare: Waxes, butter, oily gel
– Oral care: Solid or Powder toothpaste

- 100% natural origin according to ISO 16128 norm
- biodegradable
- GMO free

The available references

Reference product CODE

GreenMicrozest 25 Gardenia Blue 1KG **

GreenMicrozest 25 Gardenia Blue 5KG **

Microzest 25 Gardenia Blue – bag 1KG

Microzest 25 Gardenia Blue – bucket 5KG





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**100% natural, conforms to the Ecocert charter and other organic charters

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