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Technical informations
Presentation Powder
Color Black / grey
Fragrance None
Packaging 25 kg bag
Shelf-life 120 months
INCI Iron powder


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Microzest 50 Iron

Micronized powder

Description of the item

Our Iron Microzest is a very fine powder derived from the mineral of iron. It allows the formulation of a unique masks having the particularity of being removed by a magnet.

This Iron Microzest is innovative and interesting because it allows you to formulate skincare masks that you just need a magnet to remove it for a successful user experience!
With the effect of the magnet on the microzest, the magnetite is attracted. The magnetic field around the magnet is therefore visible.

Considered as a bulking agent providing naturality, our Iron Microzest is useful for formulating solid and powder cosmetic products such as:
– Skincare: Face mask

- 100 % natural according to ISO 16128 norm
- GMO free

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Microzest 50 Iron


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