MARINE CARE, the new anti-aging skincare range with marine active ingredients.

marine care

An anti-aging skincare range with marine active ingredients.

Marine Care - Anti-aging skincare range

Made in france

Lessonia make-up remover milk

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Make-up remover milk


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Face cream


Discover the
Face cream


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An anti-aging skincare range

with marine active ingredients

The MARINE CARE range is an anti-aging skincare range specially designed to prevent skin aging. Discover a wide range of skincare products helping to conceal fine lines and deeply nourish the skin. For visibly healthier, younger-looking skin.

Designed with carefully selected marine active ingredients, this anti-aging range reflects our Brittany region, drawing on the precious resources of our ecosystem and marine environment. That’s why we’ve developed this complete range based on three main marine ingredients.

A range inspired by Atlantic oceans

(a 3-in-1 marine active)

Healthyskin® is a marine active obtained by a patented enzymatic hydrolysis process for the Gigartina Stellata algae. . It allows to reinforce the skin’s system defense, improve the skin renewal process (more than doubled in 4 days) and offers a smooth texture on skin (-6,3%).

(Anti-aging ally)

Fucoreverse® is a marine anti-aging active ingredient from a by-protect that prevents skin aging by stimulating the skin’s defence and regeneration mechanisms while regenerating the extracellular matrix. It also reduces the depth of wrinkles by 9,1% compared to placebo.


AQUALGAE is cellular algae water obtained by a process of gentle evaporation and condensation of fresh seaweed. Harvested in our Brittany region, it is made from 100% water composition of the algae, no added water or solvent.

The products

Make-up remover milk

Developed to prevent skin aging, this milk make-up remover allows to gently remove waterproof make-up and leaves a clean and smooth skin, without greasy effect. Its milky texture provides gliding comfort during make-up removal for a soft finish effect on skin.

99% natural origin

Face cream

Apply alone or in synergy with the anti-aging serum for optimized action, this face cream is the perfect daily ally to maintain good the appearance of skin, to conceal fine lines and deeply nourishing for a healthy and younger looking skin. The creamy texture offers a nice feel during application and offers a radiant finish effect after.


99% natural origin

Face and eyes serum

Use alone or before face cream, as a treatment or a daily use, this anti-aging serum is the perfect ally to prevent skin aging and improve radiance for a rejuvenated face. The fluid and evanescent texture is nice to use for a better skin radiance.


99% natural origin


Used to complete make-up removal, this anti-aging toner is a lotion that perfectly neutralizes the effects of limescale and gets rid of surfactants left on the skin. It prepares the skin for a better application skincare products and optimizes their results. This toner is highly appreciated for its lightness and ability to deliver real skin benefits. This water-free is a pure concentration of algae extracts from our Brittany coast. Really easy-to-use, this toner leaves a clean and tonic effect on skin.


99.6% natural origin