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Lessonia - ils nous parlent de leur métier


Lessonia - ils nous parlent de leur métier


Lessonia - ils nous parlent de leur métier

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Conceptor & manufacturer of cosmetic ingredients

Technical informations
Presentation Powder
Color White
Fragrance None
Packaging 10 kg bag
Shelf-life 36 months
INCI Glucomannan


100% natural according to ISO 16128
COSMOS compliant


Gelling agent

Description of the item

A gelling agent allowing high viscosity, plant alternative to carbomer.
Ideal to obtain colorless gels with hight viscosities.

100% natural and plant-based gelling agents which allows to obtain high viscosity and transluscent gels.

It is a perfect alternative to synthetic polymers. This ingredient is obtained by extracting polysccharides from the konjac’s root. It leaves a protective film on the skin and a freshness feeling. It can be used both hot and cold.

Manufacturing process :

  • Natural fiber obtained by extracting polysaccharides from the roots of the Amorphophalus konjac plant which is traditionally harvested in China. The powder obtained is mainly composed of glucomanan, a composition of two sugars: mannose and glucose.


  • Gelling agent for aqueous phases allowing high viscosities.


- 100% according to ISO 16128 and COSMOS compliant
- INCI : Glucomannan
- Appearence : white powder
- OK China

The available references

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