Hemp and CBD cosmetic product


a range of face & body products with relaxing power for its one of a kind unique sensory experience.

Made in france

the Facial care

the Body care

A sensorial collection
of relaxing power

Formulated with hemp oil and CBD, our HEMP face & body care product provides a unique and sensorial experience, for a moment of well-being when using the products.

Two flagship & trendy ingredients

Hemp oil

Certified organic, our hemp oil is cultivated in France and ideal for moisturizing, nourishing and soothing the skin.

CBD (optional)

Cannabidiol (CBD) has many soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Known to reduce redness while relieving the skin, regenerating, healing and sebostatic. It reduces blemishes while moisturizing the skin. Its relaxing properties make it possible to fight against muscle pain incurred after physical exertion.

A distinct olfactory identity

The HEMP product range equally offers an interesting olfactory experience since its identity is based on the fragrance of cannabis. A natural scent allowing users to live a unique sensory experience.

The products

Facial Collection

Hemp Moisturizer Cream

A rich and smooth cream to moisturize and protect the skin from external aggressions such as UV rays, cold or pollution. Ideal for dry skin.

99.89% of natural origin

Hemp serum

Used as a daily care for sensitive skin, it soothes and preserve the skin from external aggressions by providing comfort of use and a feeling of well-being. Ideal for your sheet masks.

99.89% of natural origin

Hemp peel-OFF

Ideal for dry, acne-prone skin, this peel-off is visually very aesthetic thanks to its hemp and prosopis fiber inclusions.

99.13% of natural origin

Hemp protective fluid

This protective fluid protects and soothes sensitive skin. Its light texture makes it easy and comfortable to apply to the skin.

99.78% of natural origin

Body Collection


Multifunctional nourishing oil for the body or hair, offering a real comfort of application.

99.89% of natural origin


Developed for sensitive skin, this body balm restores moisture to the skin. Used after a physical exertion, this balm is ideal to relax the muscles.

98.99% of natural origin


Ideal for nourishing the skin and soothes daily tensions and aggression. This scrub offers a moment of well-being and relaxation. Upon contact with water, the HEMP scrub turns into an exhilarating foam.

84.49% of natural origin